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Tax planning

Are you paying too much tax?

Ineffective tax planning means too many individuals are paying more tax than required.  Are you one of them?

Do you have effective tax planning measures in place?

Having worked hard for your money are you giving away more in tax than is necessary?

While companies that have been avoiding tax have been consistently making the news headlines – and are, understandably, frowned upon – too many individuals are failing to put effective tax planning measures in place.

The result is that individuals are throwing away money, which is rightfully theirs, because of their failure to use tax planning allowances effectively


Richard Cohen advises on effective tax planning

Are you utilising the allowances provided by the Government?

The UK Government has provided individuals with a number of mechanisms and allowances to minimise the tax they have to pay.

Capital Gains Allowance
ISA allowances
Gifts permitted to reduce inheritance tax

are all available and actually sanctioned by the government in order to assist individuals in making the most effective arrangements when paying tax.

Do you currently have the right arrangements in place to minimise your tax?
Are you utilising the mechanisms available in the best way possible?

Nsure Chartered Financial Planners have over 35 years experience of assisting individuals in minimising the tax they pay and tax planning effectively.

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