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What if something happens to you?

 We never plan to get unwell and in the main, most of us bounce back to carry on life as normal, however what happens if normal is no longer an option? Have you ever wondered how you will manage financially?

Life Insurance

Life cover pays out a lump sum in the event of  death. The funds can be used by you or your loved ones to cover any outstanding financial obligations, funeral plans or to help with the cost of living moving forward. 

Income Protection

The loss of earnings can have wide reaching impacts on family life. Income Protection Insurance is there to support you financially by paying  a monthly sum in the event you can no longer work through illness or an accident. 

What’s the right level of cover?

Your personal circumstances are unique and catering for life during and after illness or death can be daunting. At Nsure we discuss your complete financial situation and look at what options will allow you and your family to manage in the event of needing to claim. From lump sum payments on death to having the monthly household bills covered, we can tailor a policy thats personal to you.

Life Cover

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Life insurance policies are designed that in the event of your death, dependants, such as your partner, spouse or children, will be financially looked after. There are a number of options to consider when choosing a policy. Our team will advise you of the various options and explore what policies best suit your requirements.

Income Protection

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Typically, income protection policies are designed to step in when you can’t work and are no longer being paid by your employer. Your choice of policy and premium will depend on what financial outcome you wish to receive in the event of having to make a claim.

Critical Illness Cover

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Critical illness cover is design to support you financially if you are diagnosed with any of the conditions set out in a specified policy. Payments can be made in lump sums or paid on a monthly basis. The sum of the payment will be relative to each individual policy and are set up to financial support you for your costs of living and medical treatment.

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