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Are you looking for a mortgage?

Discover the best way to ensure you secure the right mortgage, at the most competitive terms.

Where should you start in order to get a good deal on a mortgage?

Whether you are a first time buyer, an existing home owner or looking to remortgage, where would you start the search for a mortgage?

With so much information available, where should you go to ensure your get the best deal on your mortgage?

While many people would start their search for a mortgage with their own bank, is this really the best approach in today’s market place?

With so many different types of mortgages such as:

  • Standard Variable Rate
  • Discounted Rate
  • Tracker
  • Fixed Rate
  • Offset

all at a variety of costs, it is vital that you receive independent impartial advice.

Richard Cohen discusses obtaining a mortgage

Why should you seek independent impartial mortgage advice?

A branch manager at a bank is tied to particular products and will not assess the whole market in the same way an independent adviser can.  Moreover, these days, branch managers have very little discretion when assessing mortgage applications.  Therefore, it rarely matters how long you have been banking with an organisation with regard to whether your application is approved.

An independent adviser, by assessing the whole market, is more likely to find the best mortgage at the most competitve rate.  An independent adviser can also provide advice regarding a deposit.  In essence the more deposit you can get together, the more likely it is that secure a better rate.  This can lead to a vast saving over the lifetime of a mortgage.

At Nsure Chartered Financial Planners, our mortgage advisers are completely independent.

With over 35 years experience of assisting people in buying their home, we can ensure we find the best available deal for your circumstances.  Call now on 01903 821010 or email enquiries@nsurefinancial.co.uk