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What if something happens to me?

What would be the financial repercussions if you, or your partner, were to fall ill or die? Do you have Life Insurance or Income Protection Insurance in place?

Would your family cope financially in the event of illness or death?

Do you have adequate protection, such as life insurance and income protection insurance, to get your family through what would be an already difficult time?
With the mortgage, utility bills and other costs of living and financial demands, would your family be able to survive if any of the household earners were to fall sick or unexpectedly die?
If you have already put arrangements in place, have they been reviewed to ensure they are sufficient to get the family through?

Understanding the protection you need

Most households, at the very minimum, should consider two different types of protection.
Life Insurance, on the earners in the family, will mean that should someone unexpectedly die their income can be replaced with the money paid out in the event of their death.
Income Protection Insurance ensures that an income still comes into the family should a household earner be unable to work due to accident or sickness.

Without Life Insurance and Income Protection Insurance in place, many families would be left in an extremely difficult and worrying position if a household earner were to fall ill or die.

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