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It’s fair to say, you could have sat a thousand analysts in a room at the beginning of the year and it’s unlikely anyone would have predicted what was in store for 2020.

It’s normally at this point every year where I reflect on the past 12 months and look at what’s led to the gains and losses within the world of the financial markets. However, this year I’m not going to.

For many of us, this year has been a struggle. Whether it’s physically, financially or mentally. We have all had to contend with what will be hopefully, a once in a lifetime scenario.

When it comes to the world of financial matters, we like to work with statistics. Its measurable and it’s immediate. This year we have all had to get used to a very different set of numbers, with daily results of positive cases, hospital admissions and subsequent deaths hitting the headlines and being the focal point of the daily news.

For some of us we have learnt that life can be a little less expensive without the excesses of eating out, socialising & trips abroad, for others the day to day financial struggle to even put food on the table has become even harder.

Like many other employers, my concerns were always about the health, safety and welfare of our employees whilst maintaining excellent levels of service for our clients. We have a fantastic team and they do an amazing job! It still feels very odd not having them all back in the office, but I know it won’t be forever.

2020 has certainly proved that although you can plan for most things there are some eventualities that are simply out of our control, if nothing else this year has given me a better understanding of how much I rely on my friends, colleagues and family.

As for predictions… It’s probably safer this year not to make any. However, I do want to take this opportunity to wish you all a safe and happy Christmas.