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Equity Release

Do you want to extract the wealth from your home?

If you are aged over 55, discover how you can extract the wealth tied up in your home without having to move

Understanding Equity Release mortgages

Equity release mortgages allow older homeowners to access the wealth tied up in their property without having to sell up and move out.
It can be an extremely useful mechanism if someone requires the cash in their property and is unable or unwilling to downsize or move. there are a few different equity release options. At Nsure Chartered Financial Planners we advise on lifetime mortgages.

What is a lifetime mortgage?

Lifetime mortgages allow a home owner over the age of 55 to release the equity in their home by way of a mortgage. The individual can stay in the house for the rest of their lives or until they go into long term care. Interest accumulates on the mortgage and is fixed for it’s lifetime.

  • Proper financial and legal advice should be taken before entering into a Lifetime Mortgage
  • These schemes can affect eligibility for means tested benefits and will affect the value of your estate when you die

It is, therefore, advisable to talk through your situation with your family before entering into a Lifetime Mortgage agreement.
Nsure Chartered Financial Planners are members of the Equity Release Council, who in turn represent the Providers, Lawyers, Intermediaries and Surveyors who work in the sector. We are bound by a strict code of conduct which helps to ensure that products are safe and accessible for consumers. This means you can have the highest confidence that we are providing ethical advice.

If you want further information or advice about a lifetime mortgage and want to investigate whether it might be right for your circumstances call 01903 821010 or email enquiries@nsure.co.uk