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A day in the life of an Administrator at Nsure Financial Services by Ollie Monnery and Luke Apps


When people envisage an administrator’s daily duties, most would assume that answering phones, opening post and making tea is as far reaching as the job role requires.  Prior to undertaking the role we also held the same opinion. However after only one week it became apparent that this could not be further from the truth.  Although these tasks are part of the role, these are only the most basic of jobs undertaken on a daily basis. In reality an administrator is a fundamental link in the chain. Processing applications and dealing with a variety of tasks for our clients on a daily basis ensures that the business is functional and customer service is kept to the highest standard.


When we first step through the office doors and take our seats at our desks, the first thing we do is check our emails and look at our diaries for the day. This allows us to assess how busy we will be that day and how best to prioritise the tasks we have. On a particularly busy day, we often set prompts that will pop up over the coming hours. This creates our own little deadlines ensuring we remain on track throughout the day. Naturally, within a busy and unpredictable office environment, some days this is easier than others! If workloads allow we will also look to schedule up to one hour of study in for the next exam we are due to be taking.


As the workload of an administrator is so varied, it’s difficult to give a detailed standard day. However on most days there are a number of tasks that take up some of our morning. Of these, one of the most important is our role as an intermediary between provider and client, where we are often chasing up instructions on behalf of clients. This ensures that we are working as efficiently as possible so that our clients receive the highest level of customer service. This can vary from new business applications to changing a client’s address with a provider. No matter how big or small a task seems, at some stage one of our administration team would have been involved. Also, we have got used to keeping one eye on the door for when the boss arrives, as this is always a good time to make a round of tea for everyone!


We always like to get out the office to clear our minds, normally going into town to grab something to eat. This gives us time to relax and check up on the world outside work.


A key part of our job as administrators is processing the Investment Reviews we do for all our clients. As part of our service it is important to regularly review our clients’ portfolios as in an ever changing financial world, even the smallest events can significantly impact current and future values for all investment products. At the start of this process our time is taken up updating portfolios and running valuations. Following the adviser’s recommendations being agreed by the clients we then ensure those instructions are carried out correctly by the providers. Invariably other bits of work will be passed to us which we have to juggle around other tasks, prioritising what needs to be done first. Throughout the day the phones ring and we take it in turns with the other administrators to answer them. Typically, most of our calls are from clients asking to talk to their adviser or providers querying an instruction that we have sent to them.


It’s the end of the day so we make sure anything urgent that had to be completed today has been done, which can sometimes delay what time we end up leaving. We also check our diaries for the rest of the week and create a mental plan of what needs to be done the following day.