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From Emma Wells at our sister company, Nsure Estate Planning Services.

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Nsure Estate Planning Services are the only will writing company in Worthing who are members of The Institute of Professional Willwriters (IPW).  This means that we are the only will writing company in Worthing who are regulated by the IPW and follow their Chartered Trading Standards approved code of conduct.  We are proud to offer our clients both the expertise and security that no other will writing company in Worthing can.

There are many unregulated will writers in Worthing who people are unwittingly trusting the writing of their will to and this worries me.  Your will is too much of an important document to trust someone who can’t be bothered to train and qualify in this particular field.  Ask yourself this, if they are good at what they do and confident that they are writing wills for their clients in the way that they should be, then what possible reason could they have for choosing (and it is an active choice) to not be overseen by the IPW?

Why aren’t they confident enough in their services to be held accountable by the Chartered Trading Standards Institute like Nsure Estate Planning Services and the other Members of the Institute of Professional Willwriters are, or by the Solicitors Regulation Authority like law firms are?

Members of the IPW and solicitors must also be DBS checked.  There is no such requirement for unregulated will writers, yet people are unwittingly letting goodness knows who into their homes and giving full insight into their wealth and often valuable possessions!  In the event that something does go wrong members of the IPW must have professional indemnity insurance and it is a condition of the membership that it’s members have at least £2 million public liability insurance.  Again, this is not required by unregulated will writers.

Protect yourself and your estate by refusing to recklessly use an unregulated will writer and use a Member of the Institute of Professional Willwriters instead.  IPW members are THE specialists in the will writing industry, qualified by examination.  They undergo CPD (Continuing Professional Development) in their field and are totally transparent with their fee structure.

What more could you want from the person who is writing arguably the most important document you will ever sign?

For more information about Nsure Estate Planning Services please contact Emma on 01903 821010 or via the following email address: emma.wells@nsure.co.uk